The Whole Pantry (Any 5 blends + Glow Milk)



The Whole Pantry (Any 5 blends + Glow Milk)

  • The Whole Pantry contains any 5 adaptogenic Spoonful blends (Love, Peace, Sunshine, Sparkle, Smart, Snooze or De-light) and our Glow Milk Turmeric Latte blend; for whatever you need in life, whenever you need it! Total value: $224.70. 

    Product info:


    A Spoonful of Sparkle

    • Supports healthy collagen production
    • Boosts the body's natural detoxification processes
    • Rich in protein for strengthened hair and nails

    A Spoonful of Sunshine

    • Boosts energy production
    • Delivers minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids
    • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar and hormone levels

    A Spoonful of Love

    • Supports the production of sexual energy
    • Nourishes the reproductive system
    • Assists in hormone regulation & stress adaptation


    A Spoonful of Peace

    • Helps to regulate the body's natural response to stress
    • Nourishes the adrenal and immune systems
    • Delivers stress-relieving beta-glucan, B vitamins and protein amino acids


    A Spoonful of Smart

    • Boosts energy production
    • Supports concentration and maintained focus
    • Delivers brain-boosting minerals, vitamins and protein amino acids


    A Spoonful of De-light

    • Boosts metabolism
    • Curbs cravings
    • Helps the body to regulate cholesterol & triglyceride levels


    A Spoonful of Snooze

    • Relaxes muscles & prepares the body for rest
    • Helps to stabilise the central nervous system
    • Promotes deeper, more restful sleep


    Glow Milk Turmeric Latte Blend