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A mother and daughter team, we can trace our holistic roots right back to my Grandma. A strong and self-aware woman, she was a dedicated yogi a long time before it was commonly practiced in Western culture. She grew exotic plants, used adaptogenic herbs for health and produced all her own organic fruit & vegetables. Following in her footsteps, our family has been practicing natural health for as long as I can remember. My Mum (the laughing one on the left!) is a qualified herbalist, and makes her own skin care, herbal tonics and healthful blends.

Balanced Pantry came about as a natural progression which grew from my own discovery of adaptogens. A few years ago whilst living overseas, I began to incorporate these wonderful herbs into my natural health routine to help with my energy levels. When I returned to Australia, I realised that to keep using them, I would have to pay exorbitant shipping costs - and the limited herbal blends I could find here in Oz didn't taste great. I was finding it a challenge to continue incorporating them into my daily routine.

We quickly realised that there was a need for something better, and we knew that between us, we had the knowledge and experience to create it. We got straight in to research and development, and after much hard work and testing, the Balanced Pantry 'Spoonfuls' range was born. 

We source our herbs from all over the globe, with quality at front of mind. Our adaptogen latte powders are 100% natural, free of additives and Certified Organic where available. Our mission is to make it easy, tasty and enjoyable for all Australians to make adaptogens a daily practice; and balance their overall health, mood, energy and stress levels as a result!

Copyright Balanced Pantry adaptogen blen
Copyright Balanced Pantry adaptogen blen
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