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DE-LIGHT (healthy weight latte blend)

Say hello to your most de-light-ful self!


- Boosts metabolism 

- Curbs cravings

- Delicious combined with: your favorite frozen fruit + 2 pitted dates + 1 tsp almond butter + milk or juice of your choice in a tasty smoothie

(or mix into a paste with honey/ sweetener + 1 tsp Moringa Powder then add warm milk to make a creamy matcha latte) 

DE-LIGHT (healthy weight latte blend)

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Wellness A
A fresh jar every month (save 10%)
$29.66every month until canceled
Monthly Wellness B
Kraft Eco pouch for 1st and consecutive orders (save 20%)
$26.36every month until canceled
  • 1 jar: 22-25 servings


    A spoonful of de-light is a 100% natural edible recipe that supports the metabolism, boosts fibre for a fuller feeling, and helps to reduce cravings; for healthier, more balanced nutrition. Say hello to your most de-lightful self!


    Moringa is a rich source of protein for stronger hair and nails. It contains a host of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc.


    Jiaogulan is aptly nicknamed the "immortality herb" in Chinese medicine. It contains immune-protective compounds that improve blood flow during exercise, and delivers specific proteins that increase sensitivity to insulin for healthy weight maintenance.


    Green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid, found to limit the absorption of carbohydrates from the bloodstream. Early animal studies also suggest that green coffee extract can reduce fat stored in the liver, and improve the function of the fat-burning hormone adiponectin.


    Fenugreek is thought to help control hunger and balance cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as slowing sugar absorption in the stomach. It has a pleasant, sweet smell and taste, similar to maple syrup; and is rich in fibre, protein and magnesium.




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