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"Adaptogens are the stars of the botanical world... they might just be the key to the life of balance and serenity that you've been missing."

Our adaptogenic latte powders can be mixed into warm milk, added to smoothies or used in your favourite recipes

Adaptogens are a unique class of herbs used to improve adrenal function. The health of the adrenal system has an enormous effect on stress and energy levels, by controlling the body's hormonal response to environmental triggers. In our caveman days, the adrenal system was responsible for our 'fight or flight' response - that is, it would increase stress levels in response to danger in the environment; so that we could react quickly.

Unfortunately, today, our busy lifestyles and constant, low levels of stress can result in over-worked adrenal glands and an excess of the stress hormone 'cortisol', causing fatigue, irritability and reactivity; and making it difficult to stay calm and focussed. 

By supporting the all-important adrenal system, our adaptogen latte powders help the body to regulate its stress response and enhance its ability to cope with every-day triggers - for a more productive, calm and centered you.

What do you need more of in your life? Sunshine.. love.. sparkle? We've got a formula for that.
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